2023 Board Report presented by Kelly Marshall, Chair

On behalf of the Christian Science Nurse Service of New Hampshire Board, we welcome you to this Annual Meeting. We are so grateful for those that are supporting the Service through prayer and financial contributions. There are so many expressions of this past year’s theme, from Hymn number 53 from the Christian Science Hymnal, “Everlasting arms of Love are beneath, around, above.”

Today we will learn about the business aspects of the CSNSNH and reports from our CS nurses and the importance of the Manual bylaw "Christian Science Nurse"  and how it relates to us all through a talk given by Vanessa Campbell, Assistant Manager, Christian Science Nursing Activities at The Mother Church. 

We continue to listen and be led to ways that we can share the services that are available through the Service. We hope to be able to communicate on a more regular basis as a couple of our Board members are working to become more tech savvy! We are hopeful that we will be able to hold meetings with churches to share more information about the services that are available through the Service, but now our CS nurses are providing CS nursing care on weekends as well as weekdays, so a CS nurse from the Service is not available to provide such talks at this time. 

It is wonderful to have CS nurse Michelle Ponder join the Service! She can provide CS nursing care on the weekends, so that Paula, who has worked 7 days a week for many years, can finally have a couple of days off.  We are so grateful to Paula and Michelle for the loving, compassionate, skilled CS nursing care that they provide, but there is always room for more nurses to cover the Service. We are thankful for the two nurses that have lovingly provided coverage so that our nurses can take vacation.

The current Board meets monthly via Zoom. During those Board meetings we discuss with our senior CS nurse, Paula Brensinger, how we can best support her and our newest CS nurse Michelle’s work, and the patients that are receiving CS nursing care. We are so grateful to all those that have served on the Board of the Service over the years. Currently, there are vacancies on the Board. Our long-time dedicated Board member, Alice Shepard, has served on the CSNSNH for years. She has been a very competent treasurer and we are so appreciative of her work. We will certainly miss Alice, but we are excited for Alice as she moves on to other ventures. If there is a supporter of the CSNSNH who has skills as treasurer, it would be wonderful to have you bless the Service by serving on our Board. 

The Board, together with supporters of the Service, look forward to seeing much healing being demonstrated and Love being expressed as we work with this year’s theme, "In love and healing ministry, show forth the Truth that makes men free,” from Hymn 12 from the Christian Science Hymnal

Lovingly submitted,

Kelly Marshall, Alice Shepard, Kathy Wallace, Peter Wright


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