What does a Christian Science nurse do?

The Christian Science nurse aids in healing...

Christian Science nurses have a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, and quietly support spiritual healing while attending to the immediate human need. They reflect the spiritual atmosphere conducive to immediate and complete healing.

Christian Science nurses provide skillful, non-medical physical care for anyone relying exclusively on Christian Science for healing. If you are relying on Christian Science entirely and exclusively for healing, are free from the use of drugs and medical assistance and/or supervision, and are working with a Christian Science practitioner, you are eligible to use the services of a Christian Science nurse.

...through loving care that makes room for healing to take place:

- Personal care and bathing to meet the needs of cleanliness and comfort
- Mobility with or without mobility aids or comfort items
- Nourishment preparation, feeding assistance and encouragement
- Cleansing/bandaging for cleanliness, protection, support, and comfort
- Instructing the patient or others in providing care
- Practitioner contact; reading Christian Science literature; metaphysical support for healing atmosphere
- Assistance in arranging further care when appropriate, such as a private duty nurse or a stay in a facility
- Telephone consultation

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